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[Verse 1: Shotty Horroh]
I'm tryna jam
They know I'm at the back, they can smell my dank
0161, I keep it Manc
I made the whole place smell like damn
Walked in the place and they know who I am
They're tryna get a quick pic for the gram
Quick smile, gonna do sum'n for the cam?
Yeah G, safe bro, wagwar fam
Cor we got the clout round these ways
Dem man don't get down like me mate
Ammo by the ounce that we blaze
Dem mandem there roll like cheap skates
And I'm in the club in an all black Sprayway
On my J.O.B like date day
The guy came in with his wifey
But I beat that first like Ray Jay
Anyway sh*t that's anything same way
Man drops bombs somebody say mayday
I drop bombs I think I'm kay slay
Man'll get spun in the ring like beyblades
Used to have to grab a little thing on late late
Nowadays every day feels like payday
We don't watch fakes, we don't care what they say
Man I'm tryna jam, kick back, get wavy
[Verse 2: Shotty Horroh]
I'm tryna blaze
They know I'm at the back they can smell my haze
Bouncers makin' screwed up faces
He thinks he's a badboy coz he's got mates
I'm in the club with twenty-five mates
We don't want a problem, we just wanna rave
Well man act way too hard on the stage
Well you can die-hard like yippee ki-yay
Cor we got the clout round these ways
Dem man don't get like me mate
My bredrin's on bid like ebay
I pray to God we'll all be safe
Probly why we stay high
Smoke like hippies
I don't do trips but the sh*t's too trippy
Used to sell bens outside of the chippy
Man had the peng, the peng was sticky
All I ever wanted was a cheque from Diddy
Still hasn't happened, sh*t's no Biggie
They used to tell me 'low this thing it's silly
But now I see you there in the crowd
Going ghillie
And you know me man I roll deep like Wiley
I'm in the corner I think I'm Dizzie
0161 I did it for the city
Where the rain don't stop and the light's so pretty
[Verse 3: Shotty Horroh]
I'm tryna live
They know I'm at the back they can smell my spliff
0161 I came from Britz
Everybody knows my face in the bits
Walked in the place bare-faced with your b*t*h
Big boy zoot just stuck to the lip
Man's tryna pull me aside for a pic?
Bro, f**k your Snapchat! Dun off the clip
Cor we got the clout round these parts
Them mandem aren't built like we are
I might have to church your girlfriend
Pull up I'm like wagwar sweetheart
I walked in and she's like who's that?
All eyes on me like 2Pac
You don't know me though bro, move back
Or I might just move like Liu Kang
Two tool's let me do this new dance
Man skanks like nobody's watchin'
But your girlfriend knows man's on tings
Since your contact's highlight 'hops it'
Then I beat that quick, no long ting
Then it's delete to move to the block list
She said I can't just gwan like God's gift
I said ok darlin' watch this

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