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Bow Wow

"Suge Freestyle"

I just quit smokin'
This n*gga pack got me smokin' again
Gah Damn
f*ck is this sh*t?

We ain't the same stop making comparisons
You know my money be different (facts)
Your b*tch look at me
She all on my di*k
I'mma take her back
Probably gone hit it
(I'mma f*ck)
I slip on the rubber she know that we f*ckin'
But baby I don't let no kissing
The weed came from Cali
You know what I'm smokin'
My n*gga
And nope it ain't midget (damn)
I made me a mill in a week (facts)
But see to me that's just chump change
Ya'U n*ggas ain't ballin for real
Cause all ya'll do it just pump fake
In the back of the Bentley that Mulsanne
I tokyo drift in your lo-mein
It's that new deal on that balmain
And this is the culture, that ball game
I'm talking sh*t to the players
While Kevin Durant, he just hit 'em for 30
After the game, he ran up on me
And he gave me a dab and his jersey
Ain't trustin' no ho
You know how it go
See all they want is the clout
And nope I ain't pillow talkin' to these hoes
'Cause they run they mouth
I drop the top of the Porsche
Paddle shift put into sport
Ex b*tch got me in court
It's pending so
Bow keep it short
I'm all on the news
With scars on my face
And my mug shot they
Made it a meme
And because I'm young
And I'm rich and I'm black
And I'm famous they blame
It on me (sh*t)
I'm trynna beat the case
So fighting and sh*t to this day (true)
I got on my knees and I pray
Wishin' this b*tch go away
I'm back in these streets
I'm single again
Everyday I throw
A party
You know what I drink
I'm on that Ciroc
My n*gga I don't do Bacardi
Man they complain in my building
About me they sayin'
I'm bein' too loud
But f*ck 'em
Man I'm just young
And I'm wild
And I ain't turnin' sh*t down
Been doing this sh*t for a while
Ever since I was a child
It's like I birth all ya'll n*ggas
Ya'll ran away with my style (They did)
Ya I'll let you borrow my sh*t
But see now I want it back
Ya'll n*ggas play with these hoes
See we just play with the racks
Ya I'm ahead of ya'll n*ggas
Ain't no way man they gon' catch me (never)
These rappers be lyin' in raps
I'mma start callin' em Jessie
My neck and my wrist yeah it's frozen
No this ain't luck I was chosen
Aye gimme a minute
I'm countin' these hunnids up
Money stacks big
I can't fold it

Ya'll know what the f*ck goin' on man
Yo Bow, we takin' everybody sh*t
We runnin' it up on these n*ggas
We re on level 10 out here
Let these n*ggas know what's going on
We talkin' that fly sh*t
We talkin' that good money sh*t
We got them b*tches too
What the f*ck they gon' do with us
Let's go Bow
Back to business

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