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Bill Callahan

"Another Song"

[Verse 1]
When work ain't been working all day
Why don't you come on home to lunch and stay?
We'll start working for love, not pay
When work ain't been working all day

[Verse 2]
We will finish our songs another day
And watch the light as it fades away
Lonesome in a pleasant way
I guess the light that is gone belongs to yesterday

[Verse 3]
And the light that's leaving takes its own sweet time
Changing colors slowly like fruit on the vine
And tonight, Lord, tonight, some of it's mine

[Verse 4]
As the shadows of the leaves on the wall
Grow and dissolve almost in time to our chests rise and fall
Rise and fall
As we lay on the bed wanting for nothing at all
Except for maybe another song
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