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Meridian Dan

"Fire In The Booth"

[Verse 1:]
I spray fire in the booth that's why I'm with Charlie
I've been ready to rumble
I flow like a butterfly, sting like a bumble
Serious G and I keep it humble
Man talk hype and crumble
I wanna be a good son, dad and uncle
Me and my dons get cash by the bundle
None of them man can't come to the jungle
That's why I'm with Charlie, when he plays my tune in the party
That's more hype than a London derby
My tune's much hotter than wasabi
Hot like a whole scotch bonnet
I'll spray more bars if you're on it
I learned all these skills from a sonnet
My bars are all so solid
Come from London, I ain't like Boris
Life ain't been that bad if I'm honest
I ain't got worries, I've never been lost in the forest
You can't get lost in the concrete
It goes off when I'm on beat
You wanna rate man that are on street
I've been there on my face and it ain't sweet
Still my mum thinks I'm an angel
I'm not gonna sing Halo
They wanna hear Danny rap
Never knew I'll get played by Annie Mac
Out here with the people's prince
Feds hate on my illegal tints
I've been arrested one or two times
That's in my past, been legal since
Now if I get stopped by the feds I'm mellow
I don't park on a yellow
If you see me on the road, say hello
I'm in a German whip, not a Renault
You stay there in your french ting
I don't wanna hear man sending
Out on road with a peng ting
She heard my new bars, said I went in
Hear my bars on BBC
Hail up man when you see me G
Can't see me clash on a DVD
Man diss me, get a DDT
I've been writing recently now more kids wanna MC like me
Couple man know who I am nowadays
Doorman don't wanna see I.D.
I wrote back then but not this much
Broke back then but I got a touch
How can you keep man out of the game when you come from where I come from, that's nuts
Fire in the booth, spit fire in English
Someone said I'm a fireman in 'dis
Man's got fireman fitness
Who told you that my fire's extinguished?

That's fire in the booth, that's why I'm with Charlie

[Verse 2:]
Don't talk no names like anyone cares
That's when I know mandem are shegs
Man can't mess with Bossie or Pabs
Don't f*ck around with H or Prez
I know more time Milli's alright
Last guy he left slumped on a hedge
Come round here, better walk on eggs
Don't bop like something's wrong with your legs
Bad attitude, get scrambled son
Turn your squad to an omelette
So many ways I can deal with a pagan
Gotta figure how the pus*yole wants it
It's the bloodline, more than friendship
Shields and swords so manna move metric
Us man are authentic
Told them pray to the lord and I meant it
I don't sell food but they call me the foodman
Man know that, I'll give man a box
Don't like red meat that much trust me
Manna go ham all over your chops
Think you're a rudeboy now?
Will you be a rudeboy when it's all on top?
You can never challenge me, how?
Manna start flipping out wild like ox
Just cool cuh you could never smile if I brandish
You don't wanna see madman antics
If I see man act outlandish
Every one of you's gonna do gymnastics
Make man run to the exit mad like he went nuts on a ten bit
This bad life that I live never planned it
Can't let a man try p*ss in the sandpit
Like Levi Roots
Tried pedalling more drugs than Boots
Certain man are banking with coots
Other man are out there bagging up youts
Snorting white and blazing zoots
You know the old school raving groups
I don't wanna talk bout straps and that
Cause I was about, I had tings in boots
Don't care if you're a gangster straight from Harlem
Man can't step in my garden
I ain't gonna beg man's pardon
Who told you that I'm Bin Laden?
It's not Wayne or Marlon
Them man know I'm a real don gorgon
You man are gas, bare gas like Argon
Don't come round man talking jargon
You think you're dark and a gangster
We all know you're a wanker
I'm too big for the small boy banter
Beat that up on my own with Samantha
You're an actor after a Bafta
Everyone knows I got the X Factor
Serious man, ask Hamza
Run man down with an old shade banger
Don't run your mouth on the roads
Cus, this is an adverse camber
Wait till the light goes green
I'm gone as soon as the ting goes amber
I'm always about in the bits
I see your face once in a while like Santa
I do things with my heart, I'm a cancer
Let off the strap, watch ten man scamper

[Verse 3:]
It ain't easy to be like D
I'm not like you, can't be like me
I take care of the family tree
Big boy whip that's me and my team
2 seater that's me and my g
Hit that club, straight VIP
Can't let a big man wait outside
Better let man in cuh manna got P
Found life hard as a young teen
Growing up in the concrete, no green
I saw bare cats had no cream
Saw bare rats had no chee
I came up with a mad scheme
Then I put my hands on [?]
Don't care what you bought [?]
Them man ain't seen what a man seen
Cus all my dogs we wanna be rich
Man play their part on the pitch
Everyone round me's making drinks
Cuh man's got too much links
When was the last time I was skint?
That's not me cause I go in
I don't just carry big weight in the gym
Wake up early on this ting
If you don't make money, don't make sense
I can't put my foot in the trench
If ever this beef ting gets intense
None of my bredrins sit on the fence
Riders, you don't wanna bring no violence
Go on then family I dare ya
Think you're dark cause I'm fairer
Come a little nearer I blast that out of the area
You know about me, I'm solid
Was a top boy back in college
Didn't chat to the pigs or yam no sausage
Fresh OJ, brown toast and a porridge
I don't really care if a man move squaded
Don't wanna hear about man that you bodied
Back in the days my ends was rodded
Meridian Dan, man better pay homage
Show me which one of them man want it
Trust me none of them man ain't on it
Too many fakes on road be honest
Power bomb man straight into the bonnet
I've been about since Tails and Sonic
You gotta pay for a piece of the knowledge
I ain't gotta ask for the source, I've got it
I'm too iconic, yo
People think I'm an arrogant f*ck
I think that is a bit too much
Especially when I showed so much guts and worked so hard for a little bit of luck
Seen people [?] it's nuts
Some peep just wanna celebrate ups
Wanna drink your champagne and stuff but don't wanna help when your foot gets stuck
It's alright, them bad vibes ain't feeding my family
I'm gonna burn everything to the ground every time I get angry
I just live my life by keeping the peace like Gandhi
But I can't stand some of these f*ckboys but they can't stand me
You better not talk bout street and the strap
None of you man ain't beating a strap
Take off my belt, beat man with the strap
Show you man bout beating the strap
You better not talk bout beating the strap
None of you man ain't beating a strap
Take off my belt, beat man with the strap
Show you man bout beating the, ay, ay

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