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Marty Robbins

"Mean Mama Blues"

[Verse 1]
Well, when I come home this morning
It was still too dark to see
I could tell my baby wasn't sleeping next to me
She's gone and left me
Where to I guess I'll never know

[Verse 2]
I only know her leave has brought pain and misery to my soul
Well, a note was on the pillow, she's gone without a doubt
I tried to read her writing, but I couldn't make it out
'Cause tears were falling too fast for me to even read
Nobody knows my sorrow, nobody knows my misery

[Verse 3]
My friends told me she'd leave me but I said they wasn't right
She gave no word of warning, she'd be leaving in the night
Can't understand her, what made my baby want to go?
I didn't hear her leaving, she didn't even close the door
When she'd come home this morning, I'd jump and shout with flee

[Verse 4]
She can't mean more to someone else
Than what she means to me, I love that woman
I got to have her all the time
I got to have her near me, to ease this misery on my mind

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