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Skeem Sami
Young OG From The Coast
Fresh Man

Money Up Boy My Money Up
Its Ain't Coming Down
Coming up a lot of n***as tryna gun me down
We Need The Money Balaklava Hunt it Down
In The Streets Im with my hooligans
Millimeter on my shooter heaver
n***as outche ?????? Whips
Still the trappers jumping smelling like a sewer pit

All my n***a search for the nyuku
b*t*hes waiting for the new new
And all them b*t*hes wanna ride with us
We got them sippin ngudu Puffin gudu
The goal my n***as is too legit
The boys around me got the tool ???
I know em n***as with precision tell em hit you in the head if ???

b*t*h im a real n***a from a lil kasi
Big n***a from with lil ???
Everybody wanna f**k with me i tell em on some put your mama on a lil cansi
Im a big boy, Balaklava with a big tie
Ganna get it from these rich boys
Catch em sleepin on the red light Cruising with a thick brod
Oh ????

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