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Ivy Sole

"All Mine"

[Verse 1]

Look at the flick of the wrist
Look at the chip in my tooth
I was 12 when I first caught a fist
Now I throw hands in the booth, to tell you the truth
A little cash wouldn't be the worst thing
So if you would just loosen up them purse strings
I'm in pursuit of happiness clapping tracks with the truth, unh
All I see is wackness the packaging has to be proof
A catalyst with hella aptitude for visual aesthetic
Captivating masses, rhyme schemes chock full of message
I ain’t c*cky, I heard confidence is key
Busting doors up off the hinges with the weight of my speech
Just wait & you’ll see
Ain't no second coming of Lauryn
I got bigger hills to climb, no disrespect but it’s my time


They keep telling me I’m timeless, steady calling me your highness
Because it’s mine, it’s all mine, yeah it’s mine
Mama asked me why I’m stressing, she said baby get your blessing
Because it’s mine, it’s all mine, yeah it’s mine

[Verse 2]

Turn up turn up turn up it's so lit lit lit
Shawty leaning like the syrup getcho f-f-f-fix
Mix the purpose with the furnace, gimme that beat below my sternum
Worship service save the sermon, that's my sh*t, that's a hit
Kickin dust up
Cuz I heard Ivy Sole be the spontaneous combuster, microphone trucker
Only bars when they discuss her, come straight for your head, just might concuss ya
So come correct or get your luck up, you numb nut
Word around town is real rap is on the way
So forget what you was looking for tomorrow cuz today
We dodged the devil for 24, hoping to see many more
Handing beats that first 48, feeling great


[Verse 3]

See I was in the Chi, I was feeling quite the opposite
Sippin on a vibe, like water for chocolate
Approximate release date looming, heart rate booming
Tryna figure if my mom would let me have my old room
Then I resumed the campaign, but I ain't pressed for your caucus
I don't need votes or elections, I'm a descendant of Rawkus
Yall rappers talk us to death nary a penny to show
Barely a song to your name & yet you flex like a pro
I ain't got press at the moment but yes my presence it glows
Applying pressure to the wounds that I deliver my foes
Yall should consider dying slow, wouldn't wanna miss the come up
I heard winter be the season for preparing for the summer
What a shame, what a bummer, you thought you was next
You got less drive than a Hummer on cinderblocks I suspect
My ten toes tap tempos none can match but I
So when ask me for the time, I can only reply that it's mine
It's all mine it's all mine

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