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Ivy Sole

"You Don’t Know My Name"

[Verse 1]

When you ask me what I’m thinking, baby you know I’m thinking of you
Contemplating how I’d manage if you bid me adieu
I imagine it would feel strange, the change would probably shake me
But that’s a testament to the love that you give me daily
I just wanna state this plainly—you’re nothing but a blessing
Even though at times I know keep you second guessing, stressing
Bout who you with, where you at and the like
Nothing about you is common, I swear you got the light
See there are times, when you’ll need someone
All I can promise baby I, can be that one, that gives you solace
Nothing more I need than a partner to move in silence
Let me know when I’m wrong, that’s in it for high mileage
Tell me which oceans to swim, which mountains to climb
Tell me you love me and you need me and I stay on your mind
I don’t wanna think of way back when
And wish that I could see you again, but would you ever know it?


Cuz baby you don't know my name, but I hope you feel the same x 2

[Verse 2]

You look mad familiar was that you in my dreams?
Was it econ 27 or english 233?
Was that you in the back row, with the real tight afro?
Professor was geeking, you flipped them phrases like acro
But back to you & I, I was hoping your to-do list
Could use a man like me that epitomizes the truest
Somebody to knock the boots with when you need a study break
See I know you putting work in, staying up extra late
I ain’t tryna tank your grades, I’m just tryna match your pace
You running the campus collecting all these accolades
Go to the stacks for some research, have your body going berserk
Bringing new meaning to team work makes the dream work
I know it’s been since freshman year, and it’s probably too late
But you should be mine by the time we graduate, look
I remember way back when
And I wondered if I'd see you again, but would you ever know it?


[Verse 3]

You used to call me on house phone
Mama heard me late night I proceed to give that dial tone
Punishment was tenfold, felt like I was too grown
I got too big for my britches
Whispering about nothing your tenor tone had me tempted
Tossing and turning in my twin frame
Covering these bases like a twins game like what’s your favorite color?
You listen to punk? that’s what’s up
I think you’re really cool and you rock at double dutch
We can hang out after school, at the mall if it’s okay with your mom
My older sister chaperones but she’s chill so it’s on
We can hit the movies, watch a flick I'll hand you my heart
I know you ball, so handle like you play for sparks
And see sparks when I kiss you in the dark
I ain’t never felt this way, this puppy love from the start
Dreaming of moments from way back when
I wondered if I’d ever see you again, but would you ever know it?

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