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Ivy Sole

"Everything to Lose"

[verse 1: Ivy Sole]
Til death do us parchment, we partridge to paper
Impartial to darkness, I’m parting with passive and stretching my patience
My pencil is heavy, my pensive is proper
My pennies is petty, my pockets napoleon
Picking my poison, I’m poised and I'm steady
Pardon my guardedness, Garvey told me to sail east
Like go home to the unknown, where it’s all Black, like New Z
It was 9th grade on Monroe, then 9th grade on colony
It was applications then graduation and a flight to Philly, I was running free
Then graduation and no money, no job, barely on my feet
It was no music, then some music, but not enough and no urgency
It was indigold then solo, so low I could barely see
The silver lining or the silver surfer, no heroes, not a single beam
Then I got focused, got closer, hocus pocus, yeah the magic’s here
It was no toking, it was no choking, putting beats in the casket clearly
Nearly lost my mind, lost it all, and lost the vision
If I’m losing, know I’ll never lose myself or my persistence

[hook: Ivy Sole]
I got everything to lose, got everything to lose
Ain’t got sh*t to prove, just got things to do
I got sh*t to lose and that make me nervous
Now it's time to prove who was really working

[verse 2: Ivy Sole]
Got a couple things I’m taking to the grave (to the grave)
Got a couple things I'm yelling to sky (to the sky)
Historic women often misbehave (misbehave)
So Imma act a fool until I die (til I die)
I ain’t even hit my tempo, I just the set the pace and make the play
All these rappers wishing that I knew my place and played it safe
Pray for rain, sole be metro blooming in the valley
Of the shadows, screaming hallowed be the heaven in this brokenness
What's holier than happy in this hopelessness
What’s Blacker than joking to cover open wound
I’m swollen thinking bout the things I had to let go
But it woulda weighed me down, so I had to lose to let grow

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