Ivy Sole

"Lovely Fiction"

[Verse 1]
My aunties dream of swimming when a child is conceived
I used to pray they wouldn’t dream of fishes for me
Merging genes with someone kindred, what a vision
Could I carry a child? Would my body go the distance?
I wanna love the way mama and Ruby loved me
Help them form their first sentences, survive the police
Let’s turn a phrase--I don’t wanna fight for execution stays, abbreviated living
Don’t know if I could teach them forgiveness
‘Cause I ain’t mastered it
Still giving up the master’s tools
Still mending sh*t with masking tape
Still working for the master’s school
I pray I help you master you
Hope you ask me 'bout the world
And hope that I would tell the truth
In my family offspring don’t spring often
I approach the prospect of you with due caution
My little fiction, you can rest up in my head for now
Running through my dreams, I’m scared as hell to let you down

What a lovely fiction you are
What a blessed figment of my imagining
You’re too good to be true
But, baby, I could be so damn good to you
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