Ivy Sole


Verse 1:
One day our bones might feel the breeze
And make a home for smaller beings
If I’m lucky, they might tuck me next to you
They say our choices make our graves
We end up there either way
In the meantime, I’ll chase springtime, next to you
My lungs they might be heaving
But baby I’m still breathing
Dodging storms and empty mornings, next to you
Every flower is in bloom
When you walk into the room
Only growing, never slowing, next to you

And I’ll find another way home
So we can rest our bones, my love
And I’ll find another way home
We don’t have to be alone, my love

Verse 2:
Someday all my joints might ache
With the memories of today
Won’t mind the creaking, if I’m sleeping
Next to you
Even if this love does fade
Know you’ll always have a place
In my soul, ‘cause I was whole right next to you
My chest is steady rising
With the glow of the horizon
Every breath, I spent it best, right next to you
So when my heart is fully grown
I’ll never be alone
I’ll just sing this song
And I’ll be next to you
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