Ivy Sole


Verse 1:
I was on that Pac Div, Cool Kids
Gold and a pager
With the Dom K, sundae
Watermelon flavored
Taking chances on my limewire
Gave my laptop rabies
What a time to be alive
For them 80s 90s babies
I’m repping for that 1-9-9-3, you know that
Carolina raised me off Nintendo and that Kodak
Throwbacks from a decade ago, I see em clearly
Guess I’m getting old cuz them times I miss em dearly
Everything was simple
Everything was sweet
Everything was everything
And everything felt free

Spaceships don’t come equipped with rearview mirrors
So I’m staring down my future finding space to see it clearer

Feeling like I’m overgrown
Trying to find my way back home
Don’t know what to do
Chasing after youth
Feeling like I’m overgrown
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