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Dalmo Mendonça


[Verse 1]
First things first, he the realest
OT, he be true home skillet
And I’ll give you plenty of reasons
You see him around, it’s always Tomi Fischer season (right?)
And if your tates are bad, he don’t like this (nah)
Up your game and fix it up, just like his (yeah)
Tate a song, tate a text, tate the world
Do work, get a sticker and a T-shirt minus Earl
Reinventing all the rules, yeah he break bad
He’s a genius, he’s the king, but he ain’t bad
Timi leaking, dope fresh, never goes bad
Tomi’s just the best thing you never had

Tomi Fischer, you already know
He’s regulating from L.A. to Williamsburg
Tomi Fischer, go ahead, upvote
Remember his name, he’s the GOAT

Who that? Who that? T-O-M-I
That do that? Do that? T-O-M-I
Who that? Who that? T-O-M-I

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