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"Two nyana"


Hai ispani syabeda

Ngcono Thole two Nyana

Hai ispani syabeda bade lam

Ngcono ngithole two Nyana

Verse: Npk Twice

They say: yow twice my n*gga you don't rap no more

You been quit for a while

Busy f*cking these chicks

Busy watching em flicks

Busy cought up on tricks

You been at it for weeks

What about your core fans

Who vibe to your music

Think your music is magic

Hold on n*gga my n*gga let it down in a minute

My heart on my chest

You can see that shii move

As I tap to the groove

I'm all about the love

Give a f*ck about hate

So you can't relate

I ain't gotta debate

I'm really next n*gga

These bars all trigger

She got a nice figer

So I'ma pipe her ,see.. I'ma choke her

Turn her around See I'ma dog her

Drop them dimes n*gga In a cypher

I ain't gonna cuff her

Ima tap get

See ain't that type n*gga gonna cuff her

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