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"Louie Ville"

[ Intro: Ronky Vanlee]
f*ck a deal
Louie Ville
Ball like I'm
Montrezl Harrell
My packs always in the mail
I ain't going back to jail

[Verse 1: Ronky Vanlee]
Imma get a bag
Get a bag, Get a bag
We came out the slums
We Ain't dumb we want some
That boy he a bum
Catch me now, I'm on the run
f*ck it grab a gun
Know we still gone it done

[ Verse 2: Ronky Vanlee]
My packs in the mail
Ball like I'm Montrezl Harrell
Free my n*ggas, out the cell
I pray we make it, out this hell
I'm done wishing, f*ck the well
All my n*ggas jug in hell
Your b*tch fishy, and she smells
Check my vocals, f*ck Adele
Shout to Mr. Bartell
Thats my teacher, he for real

[Bridge: Ronky Vanlee]
And my n*ggas they in here
All my n*ggas they for real
Yea, we gone get a deal
Yea, we gone get a deal

[Chorus: Ronky Vanlee]
f*ck a deal, Louie Ville
Ball like, I'm Montrezl Harrell
My packs always in mail

[Verse 3: Ronky Vanlee]
I ain't going back to jail
f*ck your girl, and did her nails
This my second flow so ill
It's my second year so chill
Your b*tch checking me for real
My bank checking me no deal
In the field like I'm Odell
Tell Tom Brady hey Gisele
We was hooping Commonwealth
Now he shooting wish him well
Play your cards, and know them well
I know death is hard to sell
But we all go oh so well

[Verse 4: VEE]
Block is hot man
Block is f*cking hot
Block is hot man
Yea my block is hot yea
On the block man
Yea I'm calling shots
n*ggas dying man
When they lose the plot yea
Young G, yea I'm coming
From the dot
n*ggas come around
Yea they switch a lot
Banging wit my opps
Running from the cops
n*ggas talk a lot
Talking to my opps
Talking to the cops
Going forward, yea
Im neva gonna stop
Yea, My sound is f*cking hot
Whole lot of f*cking guap
Is what I f*cking got
Yea, Yea
Lou will six mannnnnn
Lou will Im the mannnnn

[ Chorus: Ronky Vanlee]
f*ck a deal, Louie Ville
Ball like, I'm Montrezl Harrell
My packs always in mail

[Verse 5: Ronky vanlee]
Free my n*ggas out cell
If he jugging wish him well
Keep on running, Imma sell
My cheques running in the mail
f*ck the rain, I make it Hail
Mother Mary bless my soul
I can't go back being poor
Pray to lord I asked for more
Im the youngest, I'm the Goat
And my flow the illest hoe
Rest in peace to lil moe
Lost my crodie now I'm cold
Jesus God please bless his soul

[Outro: Ronky Vanlee]
Lost my crodie, Lost my soul
Man these n*ggas they some hoes
I was crying on the floor
Man we lost my n*gga

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