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Jimmie Rodgers

"The Mystery Of Number Five"

I stepped out this morning To watch my drivers roll
To hear my whistle blowing While the fireman slings the coal;
When I got to the switchyard, I heard a brakeman say
"Oh what a mystery. Your engine's cold today."

Up stepped a little maiden With a teardrop in her eye
She began, Oh Mister Man, Do you pull old Number Five?
My daddy was your fireman, And he often spoke of you
Of being so kindhearted, So honest, so brave, so true

He was found dead this morning On trestle number five
On his way to prepare the morning train for you
The story explaining the myst'ry By a little maiden was told
'Twas the first time in history, I found my engine cold

So you railroad men take warning, And play this game fair
So when the Master calls on us, We'll meet my fireman up there

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