Alter Bridge

"You Will Be Remembered"

[Verse 1]
I wrote these words to tell you
All the things I should've said so long ago, so long ago
Know that I am grateful
I will not forget or let your memory go, no I won't
I waited way too long
Way too long

I know this life's a mystery
We lose the things we never can replace, no
So many things we keep inside
Are never said until it's much too late
So I'm giving you this song

For the ones who sacrifice it all
(Oh, we will sing)
Who took a stand so we would never fall
(Oh, we will sing)
You will always be a hero
(Oh, we will sing)
So you will be remembered (Oh)
You will be remembered (Oh)

[Verse 2]
I know you've suffered way too much
I know you gave your all for us to be, oh I see
I know how much you've sacrificed
And all of this you did so selflessly, oh
So I'm giving you this song
I'm giving you this song
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