Menace mixed this one, bow

What you mean drill don't make money? Haha, you must be funny
Dem yutes there bummy who's that yute? Vroom Vroom, wave the broom, boom boom
We put smoke on the opps skengs we trust shake the room

What you mean drill don't make money? Do it like bee's doing up honey
Got a shank no skeng tho, In the AM bro-bros way too bunny
Hella man chat but they dont got heart, them man jokers them man funny
Bally on face, no face no case I ain't getting no chasе can't see me mummy

JJ on the wheel like bro, I bеg you to spin this whip
I'm not sliding to do cheeky vids with 2 rambos one bat in the dings
And Zed tried come to the ends in his whip, and his tinted windows got brids
I coulda done up a window ching but his driver done up a crash and skid
My bro sells white thats coke we're right in the beef gets fizzy like Fanta
I ain't really into the banter still ride 7 man deep in an Astra
Rock in my pocket no Nasa tryna leave a big man red like Santa
I roll with the smoke like cancer jump out gang out the ride tryna tan-ya
Youngest one in the roster strike for the team like Didier Drogba
Take risks for the bands and prosper olympic spins tryna dodge them coppers
Can't catch these shots like Foster 6 on the back woulda thought he was Pogba
But more time I roll with the cutter if I get that 'matic gon beat like gotcha

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