Urn (Freestyle) lyrics


As I lay awake on another plane
Vision kind of hazy, I'm not thinking from my brain
Rose from the fire burning karma into flames
Liberated by the ashes what I earn is I what I gave
Running from the things that I thought that I should chase
And I see it catching up hope I never slow the pace (keep it running)
Life is just a trip and it hits you in the waves
Rolling with the spirits still got 'em turning in their graves
Master all the vices, not a slave to the state
All white fine powder when I'm scraping the slate
Parting the sea when I'm paving my way
You don't know if you can fly when you raised in a cage
Institutionalized since a child
Just another brick at the bottom of the pile
Corporation rules, we're compelled to comply
For a career in a cube where my future was confined
Designed too divine, had to shine through the dark
Get your brains blown from the minds that I spark
Through my work and the words that I spoke in my art
I'm not saying I'm gon change the world but it's a start
Humble beginnings and the ends
Had to stop counting sheep just to make it through the fence
Got no enemies just empathy for strangers I befriend
What's the remedy to memories I take in through my lens?
Hard to part ways when you're too attached
And your paths intertwine with the same souls that had your back
Way before you took form in her womb
She built from the rubble kept you far from the doom
Fought many wars with the stars and the scars all the lessons for the love when she's talking to you
I take a free fall with no chute
Burning these atoms and my core like a nuke
Mushroom clouds through the mars if I blew
Yeah they trying to throw down, throw up make them puke
They can't stomach real sh*t
Real ones out here I cook meals with

If I could go back man I wouldn't
Cause now I'm doing things that I couldn't
Watch as the stories untold unfold
As I take another leap into the unknown

Grizzle gone hope he don't show up as a ghost

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