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Always had this dream when I was little
Working on my cavities with a pack of skittles
My backpack was full, I was skipping school
I guess even back then I had some different rules
Individual with the vision that's screwed up
Everything I had, it was bad I needed new luck
I would scheme a scheme trying to get a few bucks
That was back then
This how I grew up...

[Verse 1: Wildcard]
Pain, it came insane and changed the blood through my veins
The rhythm is bangin' and given this sh*t I be taking rejection insane
When I be thinkin' of talkin' about ex's these people think i'm emo
I ain't' sad cuz I miss her
Sad because I miss her deep throat
With these flows
And please know
That I'm below
Sub zero
When I freeze foes
With this deep blue sea flow
Keep those enemies closer than
Mi amigos
I'm an irish white boy with Spanish blood
Call me miglo
Balls are more hardcore like escorted from court to conquering
Like wards of the court and they morphing and the clock records again
My origin from California then
Lived in Washington
I'm still stuck between them dawg;
I feel like f*cking Oregon
Than when anaboran
Tell I torture them
And court them in
Through mortuary doors and leave them torched in crematoriums
I want to use my music for good
And heal these orphans
But I also want more orgies with women than horny Mormon men
Get divorced from them after I'm bored with them
Then I hit another four I grip them like a horse
I'm kidding
Then, your not ready for this kid like teens having abortions
Cuz I drop you dirty f*cks
Like a whore gettin' born again
Spit out scorpions
I rhyme a supernatural force begins
It's like Big L took out the ouija board and could record again
Fix your face
Friday the 13th
And I left so many dead kids up in your women's mouth I call it crystal lake

I'm Haywirish
It's like I'm Haywirish
Look I gotta bottle and a problem model
These cats wanna fist fight but I'm homicidal

[verse 2: Slaine]
City of champions
And vigilante
Brand name jeans
Scanty clad b*tches and panties
I stashed the murder in the pantry
I c*cked the semiautomatic weapon longer than gambi
You try to tell me that I can't
But I can be
I push forwards in this business for my family
My hustle is what Rustle is to hip-hop
I must admit to customers I crush this sh*t and spit rocks
Hustler with just enough insanity to drip off
Bust a nut inside a sl*t and then I bite my di*k off
I must admit I gotta tell the f*cking trick to step off
Just another b*tch to put on my f*cking list and check off
Lust for this illegal substances it's like I'm Haywirish
What are the odds I could f*ck a b*tch with the aid virus?
Without a condom on
While she's menstruating
And walk away clean whistling like a mental patient
Hail Marry
Jesus Christ
I think I'm sent from Satan
I've been studying this bloody bible with the pencil tracin'
The tenses station of a tumor and a cancer patient
That's when you figure out
This is your chance to make it

I'm Haywirish
It's like I'm Haywirish
Look I gotta bottle and a problem model
These cats wanna fist fight but I'm homicidal

[verse 3: Mad Child]
I'm from the backs wolf fam of staying positive
My throat is f*cked from doing shows
I need some lozenges
My mind is totally f*cked
That's probably obvious
Still I transform from little goblin into Optimus
I'm a fire breathin' iron hethian
So swallow my semen
sh*t is hot
I'm a fire demon
I'm a demigod
Master of the universe
A lunatic
This little f*cking bast*rd never ruin a verse
I don't give a f*ck if you don't think that I'm the greatest
I babble like a hyperactive retard
When I'm not sedated
I take a picture with a fan
Looks like I'm constipated
But I don't have to take a sh*t
f*cking concentrating
I keep the image in my head that little monster made it
Rap until my tonsils are inflated
At my concert faded
But I ain't doing f*cking drugs dog that sh*t's over
I spit venom
Sweat bullets
And I sh*t cobras
Little monster got a very healthy apatite
I'm poor now
Hope I'm wealthy in the afterlife
I don't f*ck around with lames
And I dodge demons
So I ain't up alone depressed in my garage scremin'
Last night a black girl said I got a large p*nis
Added I'm a harsh genius
Balls big as Mars and Venus
My styles ridiculous
Meticulous rage
I'll rip your f*cking face off like Nicolas Cage

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