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Weird Sisters

"Texas Toast"

You people out there with your 8 inch retina display eyes
I'm  talking 8 million photographers only seeing 8 millimeters of reality
Don’t  ask me how and don't ask me why it's easy to see
Grab your knife and cut through the bullsh*t of a swiss cheese mind

Helpless helpless where’s the door
Angel  with a curse, and she's been trying to get some more
You  see she's been spreading her roots
So very deep deep in the floor but you know what else
No  one's ever seen photosynthesis like this before

Making love is not a selfish act
In fact it's everything one can give
But the ones who are given to are being taken from
It's  the saddest thing I've ever seen but hey
Those people are now gone from my eyes

I'm going down in Texas
I’m gonna give myself some toast
Aha, going down in Texas
If I let go, [?] the most

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