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Shabazz PBG

"Married To Da Trap"

[Hook: Shabazz PBG]
Hop out the foreign coupe, blow the brain
I mix Chanel with Alexander Wang
Hop in the pu**y, I go insane
Slide on the ops, it sound like a range
Bro got the choppa they call it [?]
Ice water, diamond chain, no Johnny Dang
Married to the trap, no wedding ring
If she loyal she could get anything

[Verse 1: Shabazz PBG]
Bro got the trap jumping; what you need?
Bags for Jordan, twenty three
I smoke California weed
Glock 9 on me, Scottie P
Hit em' with a jumpshot like KD
Tipping in the strip club, no ID
Popping sh*t, they copy me
I been popping percs with lean
Rerock a n***a, he thought it was clean
Pakk Boy Gang, hop out squeeze
I can't give no sh*t for free
Worry about you dont worry about me
I been trapping since a teen
Selling verses, whole 16's
Moving slow I'm off Codeine
Sipping Red Hi-Tech, no green
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