Shabazz PBG


Shabazz, n***a
Lil' b*t*h

I took my foot out the trap
Run it up, b*t*h, I got racks
These n***as is b*t*hes, they wack
Runnin' laps 'round you n***as, no track
I sip purple codeine, call it Wockeisha
Grab it, pour up in a liter
Got a Spanish b*t*h, call her mamacita
I might hit from the back and I leave her
We been trappin' and juggin' since beepers
Now the coupes white and black like a zebra
Keep her b*t*h, she came from Argentina
In that Hellcat, forgot 'bout the Bimmer
My young n***a gon' creep like the Reaper
Bro got white, call it Lindsay or Lisa
We got more cheese than a f**kin' pizza
b*t*h, keep calling my phone, she gon' geek it up

When it come to the head, she gon' eat it up
b*t*h, I count nothing but deads
And that new Glock got a leg
The FN got one in the head
All that sneak dissing gon' get your man hit
Work your b*t*h, I need them bands
Smash the coupe, I did the dash
Spin your block with paper tags
These n***as going out sad
Christian Dior, pop the tag (Cost a bag)
b*t*h, we been gettin' them bags (b*t*h)
We ain't never had to wear no uniform
Thot b*t*h think she special like a unicorn (Lil' b*t*h)
I just want the neck like an ID
n***as ain't saving opps, no IV
You can be the next n***a, come try me
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