He’d Send in the Army (Live at American Indian Centre) lyrics

Gang of Four

"He'd Send in the Army"

[Verse 1]
The family's head gives orders
In the end, what he says goes
This system's well constructed
She owes him all she gets

[Verse 2]
The army has its uses
In times of civil crisis
'Allo boys! Seen any action?
Hey boys, seen any action?

[Verse 3]
Pull together with your mates
Against the common enemy
The Private's not born that way

[Verse 4]
Not born that way
Guns take up all his time
With no job he'd be in a mess
Wants some action, gets some in
[Verse 5]
She pays him back in the bedroom
One step down from her leader
Obeys, or is punished
Like he obeys his bosses

It's amazing what you can do with a bit of old metal and a spin dryer then

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