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Oh No

"What Up"

Yeah, what up, though

Time to take pictures, multiply the riches
Dine on divine dishes, como está, b*t*hes
Shake hands, cheeks recieve kisses
Multiply the riches, como está, b*t*hes
Como está, b*t*hes?

[Verse 1]
Eh, the shoe fit like my feet do (Do)
You lyin', you ain't livin' like you seem to (To)
I guess we all do
Rock the tie, 'til we sittin' in that office high (High)
Flyin' like Jean-Luc (Luc)
Picard, Bacardi, and partyin' in dime booths (Booths)
I took my shot from the balcony like John Booth (Booth)
And made my move on the king from the unseen (Unseen)
The proper thing for you to do now is muah the ring
Exotic smoke twists like a lotta scopes
No police, this is stats filled with higher notes (Notes)
Still livin' like my eyes were behind my throat (Behind my throat)
No dreams, these are plans, learn the difference (Difference)
Won't stop until fresh crops on the dishes (Dishes)
Raised by these two hands from the farm land (Nah)
This is real n***a talk, ain't no rap scam (Scam)
God sh*t, how you livin'?
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