Josh Tate (Little T)
Rhythm ‘N’ Gash
Okay, Little T, BG Media
Jack on the cam
Yo, feeling this beat, you know

Commenting sh*t, that's all sly
Commenting sh*t like I should die
I'm a 12 year old kid, and I do grime
Doing it to pa** on time
If you hate me, yeah that's just fine
Could you hold your views, yeah it's my first time
Yo, bro do you want beef?
Man will take out your two front teeth
I am a bomb, Allah Akbar, you'll be gone, Syria
F**k that sh*t, think you're sick cos you got a new kit
BGMedia, that's what I do
Come 'round here and I will slay you

You can be after me that's just fine
People getting jealous cos I'm good at grime,
24 yeah yeah, put it on my 9
LinkUpTV, that's what I'm on
Come round here, you'll get lyrically spun
Don't think you're sick cos you smoked some haze
Man will put you like clean in a grave
My name's Little T, fly like a b***erfly, sting like a bee
This wannabe G, can't come against me, look (listen Afghan)
Why's this man not sending though
Is it 'cause he's scared of my big bro
When he sees you, you ran into Tesco, look
You was crying, all over the show
You was like James [?]
Yes, If Dylan's a tramp, you have no dough, look
When he see's you he's gonna go mean
Fighting machine
Overdrive, might pull out your spleen
I'm only 13, what
And I'm getting my scars for life
Pull out a knife, slice I slice