Josh Tate (Little T)
Mashup Remix
[Verse 1]
Yeah, I will stab you so deep
Leave you dead at the end of the street
Yeah, stab you yeah, clean through the belly
Put you inside yeah, make a bit of jelly
This kid ginger, look at the state of his profile picture
Thinking he's Bugzy Malone
Can't yeah, leave him alone
Never seen a gun, man's gonna run
Yeah, blow up your mum

[Verse 2]
Sophie, we know who you are
You're that girl who copies my bars
You're that girl who is a retard
Look at your makeup, look at your clothes
By the way that you got a big nose
In your profile picture what the f**k's that pose

[Verse 3]
Yo, yes, so you want to go deep
I can go deeper and deeper
I can go ill, step back, I need a chill pill
Yeah, don't come back
Man's better than 2Pac
When I see your brother he's going to get a panic attack
[Verse 4]
Look, when I was about 6
That's when I got my first st**ch
And now, I am seven
Wondering what it's like to be in heaven
Now look, now I am eight
That's when I found my first mate
Now look, now I am eleven
That's when I found out I could go heaven
Now I'm me

[Verse 5]
Look, boy back in again
Yo, yo yo
[?] suck your mum
Yeah, now I'm back to my mum
Back to square one
Got kicked out in Year 6
And I thought my dad didn't give two sh*ts
But he did, yeah
[?] ash, he'd have burned it
[?] a table to turn
Don't think you're dapper
You will get put down like a sweet wrapper

Yo, Little T
Little remix there for you