Josh Tate (Little T)
Yo Josh Tate, Little T, BG Media
Bigging up Jack Wilkinson on the cam you know this ting
Ey ay yo
Yo look like
Look like
Kenny Allstar you need to get me in the booth
Cah the chicky chatting sh** on that tally’s truth
You can go on YouTube yeah for the proof
And you wanna see the bars that I produce
I just wanna prove it to the little yutes
Only 15 yeah I still sip the goose
If you wanna send for me that’s a bad move
Like you’ll get lit like a bad do
In Blackpool we’re coming coming
See these guys and their running running
Mans from Blackpool we’re coming coming
See them guys and their ducking ducking
Yo look fu** Fleetwood Town you think their sick but man are all clowns
Jack Jenkins will get a punch right round
Burn his house to the ground
Like, yo yeah I catch him sipping
If I see Jordan lee alis imma dip in
Kian Dixon bro I’m gonna lick him
When I see your boys bro I’m gonna kick him
Like saying it once saying it twice
Alex aspin don’t carry no knives
Pu**y oh yeah I’ll take mans wife
Man get tacked for the b’s and the y’s
Look yeah it’s me I ain’t Tyler
Back on the mic Cos I’m coming to remind ya
Get that Cali weed and then I grind it in my grinder
Shout out to your mum Cos she’s a good buyer
Talk about bangs that’s miner
B*t*h wants a man Cos he’s wearing designer
B*t*h wants a man Cos he’s wearing Gucci
Fleetwood ey