Josh Tate (Little T)


Two thousand and eighteen
Yo, Little T

Look, look, look
Hey, you know that girl?
She were my best mate, turned to my world
One year later, I couldn't take it
Arguing over stupid sh*t
Don't know that the love that I got for you
Yeah, you don't know the sh*t that I'll do for you
Like, anybody put you down
I'll turn that frown, yeah, upside down
I know that I've messed you around
Blue eyes, black hair
I was like (I was like), come over here
She has a boyfriend, I don't care
On snapchat we started linkin'
Ten seconds later, I started thinking
Look, and I might have called you a slag
All I wanna say is, that's my bad

I'm just tryna live my life
Yeah, things have been wrong
Now I'm tryna do it right
So you can tell me nada, you can tell me nada
You can tell me nada, you can tell me nada
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