"Cell Phone"

[Hook: Breezy Lovejoy]
Woke up so dizzy
Drunk and hungover
Can't find my house keys
Who was the chauffeur?
Got one shoe on, and not the slightest clue
Where my cell phone is

[Verse 1: Dumbfoundead]
What was the name, I was definitely on one
Ronda, Miranda, or Sandra?

Shouldn't have mixed that light with the dark rum
Now I'm in the bathroom, throwing up a lung
Gotta make a run for that Gatorade punch
Head pounding on the one like an 808 drum
Gotta grab Pho, hangover 101
It soaks it all up, you should know that bruh

Pocket full of numbers covered in weed crumbs
I'm a lover not a fighter, why my knuckles feel numb?
No pun intended but I really feel dumb
Found dead on my neighbors front lawn throwing up

Seems last night I was acting like a fool
Tagged Facebook pictures of me jumping in a pool
Wearing nothing but a hat and my birthday suit
I was smashed to the max on a work day too
But I looked overjoyed in my polaroid pics
With my mustache fresh looking like a koi fish
My swag turned up on that soulja boy sh*t
Feeling real good about my bad choices
Who in the world is the girl in my bed?
Who's the dude on the couch with dreads?
And why in the hell was I drinking so much?
Shoulda stuck with the weed like Breezy told us
Now I'm looking for the Folgers, awake from a coma
Making my way through empty bottles of Corona
Follow the aroma, it leads to the doja
Roll up, smoke up, and do it all over
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