All That Remains

"Victory Lap"

[Verse 1]
Well, there's no more big time
No more bright lights
Just a guy who's drinking alone tonight
Shoulda walked back your mouth
Knocked you off your high horse
With all that worthless advice you endorse
Lost the limelight you were about
What's it like to gradually fade out
Used to tear it all down, now you're tearing all up
Got 'em drippin' in your whiskey at the brass mug

I've heard it all before
The murmurs and the whispers
I don't listen anymore

Every time I rise, you fall away
It's the same story day after day
You're voice is like poison
You can't be me
Every time I rise, you fall away
Fall away!

[Verse 2]
Nothin's lost, we just don't abuse it
We're seven deep, we been caught up writing hits
Now you whine, cry, b*t*h, moan, say it's a waste
Sing along while I give you a taste
(Yeah, here's to you and your favorite band!)
(Yeah, they suck too!)
(I hear your cries to the one you know you idolize!)
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