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Keri Hilson

"Hero Freestyle"

I'm ready to get it started
You betta tell em the hardest
You hate on me then you retarted
I'ma get mine regardless
I'm seein the rap the games needin me to come back to the mixtapes and relieve them
Fans geekin and rap sales peakin sayin they need of someone to believe in
I'm seein that they ain't me I'll wreck pollo beat for no apparent reason
And I think its huntin season
So I'm c*ckin back and squeezing

(VERSE 1:)

Look at the fans talkin bout who spit better lines
I don't know what you're doing but prepare for mines
I don't just spit a line better than Kevin Federline
You better tell I'm really better than who ever rhyme
Hold up let me out this chair
Hear y'all talkin bout ya hustles ain't no profit there
Hear ya talkin bout ya deals but that ain't profit square
Y'all get lil royalties, I get profit share
What up 50, what up Buck, what up Lupe, what up Game
What up Jeezy, what up Luda, what up T.I, what up Wayne
And now just 'cuz I say ya name it doesn't mean I'm insane
Cuz I'm shoutin out all the artists that make me step up my game
If I say I'm better than 50 his fans gonna complain
If I say I'm better than Wayne his fans will do the same
I don't wanna ruffle feathers so maybe I should explain
Maybe its M.O.E. Me Over Everythang
I'm better than you know who so better that its a shame
I'm better than lil mama, I'm better lil zane
I'm better than lil blang imbead it in your brain
I'm better than every rapper that rap wit a lil name hahah
You should be p*ssed that I'm p*ssed
I know some of my past records was a hit or miss
Don't try to twist up my ish and twist it into a diss
If you gon twist up what said then you should twist it this
Lauren London can get kissed on the lips
And bill O' Reilly and Don Imus can get hit wit a fist
Hakeem I'm the dream stop missin the swish
And MTV my name is what ya missed on the list
Wait let me rewind I really don't want them
To think I'm tryin to diss I realy just want them
To know I'm not the type that will take Lauren to London
Matter fact Lauren be lucky if I take her to lunch man
Its the king of the hill from the land trill
What up Police? Can't you see I'm movin' in for the kill
Either I could drop one song a year like a Skillz
Or we could get off in the streets its time to pay these bills
Gas prices gettin high and I'm knowin I got a fleet
I'm skinny than a motha I'm knowin I gotta eat
So any rapper out here that no that they got a beat
Better never ever allow the instrumental to leak
Studio everyday and I'm lettin em loose
Black and decker in the trunk it ain't nothin but tools
Wanna run a money marathon it ain't nothin to prove
My closet lookin like a stadium its nothin but shoes
J. Millz I ain't forgot about the cover you gave me
I appreciate it G, I'm still one of them crazy
Rebels out the Texas and I'm runnin 'em daily
Now I'm back off in the streets like F you pay me
For jackin' the Texas swagger Famous hand me the dagger
Nah nevermind cuz these fakers don't even matter

Mixtape Messiah 4 august 27th
And it's just a throw away
I got a draw full of em lets go!

(VERSE 2:)

They offended by words but you can tell it's fear
They say ball til you fall the fall is never near
They all sayin' that they ball who you tellin dear?
I manage a whole lotta money like Kenneth Crear
Manage a whole lotta money like Shaka Zulu
You think that I ain't good at rhymin' (ramen) you out ya noodle
Safe sex mayne ya label tryin to prostitute you
I'm on the grind up earlier than the c*ckadoodle
What up Killer Mike its grind time mayne
Rap game in my aim I'm like bang bang bang
Only rappers gettin mad the ones who can't maintain
Now the rappers gettin back to the mixtapes mayne
First they tried to hate when I left said I'm history
Came back they tellin me they miss me
Twenty g's for this watch are you sick G
A .com on my arm thisis50
Hataz talkin actin like they some motormouths
And I'ma automatic start and turn ya motor off
The crib big, MTV can't even show the house
Cuz it would take 30 minutes for them to show the couch
F sales (what ya mean) bank account is great
Wreckin it since 98 and never took a break
Until recently throwin my Rob back in the lake
Rap game tried to give me kibbles till I took the steak
Stop barkin baby I'm not starvin
Gettin bucks you crazy, I'm ill walkin'
Ya concience is talkin about caution
Slit ya wrist (slit) I'm Sharper than Al Sharpton

Koopa, Easy

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