"Dark All Night For Us"

Home is where your hammock is hung
It's where your sandwich hands hold your mate
Don't suffocate your lungs, hoping to be forever young
You can't make art in a vacuum state or become something great alone
You need a friend to depend on
You need a moon to reflect your light or it's dark all night for us
Dark all night for us!
So, when you give in, don't give up;
There's never next time for better luck
It's crime to accept that kind of talk
So lead me to water and watch me walk
I'll put a circle into your crops
Heal blind
Bare feet
Make wine
Hang cross...
Bare feet and hang cross!
They make Messiahs
They can think higher than your puny thoughts
They've never ever been sad
They're a curtain
They're hiding certain twists in the plot to keep you within their grasp
And you're hooked!
You're just a page in the book
Your attention's piqued and you drool at the edge of your seat
We were a pox on the lobe of their hive brain
We spun them like a globe
We were a box, we were cured
We were stripped of the compass, for sure...
When I say home, I mean the-Planet-I'm-From
I mean, the tandem moons hung at night
Who needs sunlight at all?
So, keep them cornered until I call
We dip fast, we leave this blue ball
And saw their crooked grins from their crooked jaws. Haha!
They retreat now: we creeped them out
Yeah, they're retreating now
Young thing, you're sickly
We are remedies!
Young thing, are you hurt?
We are elixirs!
Yeah, you and me?
Yeah, you and me!
You and me, Anti-(Bodies)
You and me, antibodies

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