Daveed Diggs

"About My Paper"

[Intro 1: Voice Over Radio]
Attention everyone:
This is an emergency broadcast
The unpleasant noise you are about to hear coming from your radio is not a mistake
Please do not turn off your radio but turn up the volume on your receiver as high as it can go
So that you can make the sound we broadcast as loud as possible

[Intro 2: Daveed Diggs]
Hey now, don't put nothin' else
Yeah, just leave the drums, just like that
I don't know, I like it
I f**ks wit' it watch
Hold up hold up watch
Right here

[Verse 1: Daveed Diggs]
I'm locked
Loaded up Yoda to the turf
YOLO to the finna answer to your Google search
I'm perked
Wired off this kombucha from a city would guarantee
There's fifty n***as that'll shoot you for no reason
Season bets sneezin' out yo Nasonex
Reason to your logic out of pocket with that [?] breath
Meanin' I breathe bullets
And meanin' and lead pullin' this heap
For a meter or so up out of my sleeve
Come up out of your sleep
Dreamin' like Freddy gon' getcha
To wake up to a dawn wit' Diggs eatin' n***as with every lecture
Hannibal Lecter
Cannibal, yes sir
Cliche handler and scandal servin' expert
Candle her distressed words leaving from they breath nurse
Heavin' in they chest, knowin' D go' need to flex
Time bomb ticking kicking rhymes song spittin' n***a
Ridiculous tripping though he grinding when he grittin'
Timing when he sittin'
Choosing when he pick him
Chosen when they lickin' lips
Frozen when they kiss him
You know we on a mission bring that bass sh*t back
Baby get up out the way and let that bass sh*t crack
Like it back when Diggs dig it can ya holla like Leroy?
Check my name check me sway the original D boy
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