Daveed Diggs

"Exquisite Corpse"

Have you ever seen a corpse?
How about an exquisite one?

Think about Frankenstein’s monster
Now think about fun
You’re getting it, good!

Johnny starts with a leg. I sew on an arm. Then you lend a hand
We each add our piece
Now, what kind of beast have we made?

Let’s find out!

[Verse 1: Watsky]
I woke up Sunday to a bloodshot sky
Robot overlords goose step by
Shoulda listened when we had the juice to try

And Bill the Science Guy told us that “the end is nigh!”
Lately it’s been getting harder to
Survive, since the Hive started to
Ban American refugees from being a damn part of the
People’s Republic of Antarctica

A bum begged me for a bill he could borrow
Babbling some sh*t about “there’s still a tomorrow”

He said that “legend has it, there’s still a Baja Grill and a Sbarro
At the top of Mount Kilimanjaro”

And so desperate, I set out from the deserts out in Portland
Until my thirsty horse collapsed in the scorched sand

I promised to myself heart and soul
I’d crawl across this dead world for those garlic rolls

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