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Daveed Diggs

"Face (FLANCH remix)"

f*ck sh*t up b*tch break your f--

[Verse 1: FLANCH]
Gentle breeze
My energy [perceives ?] what I believe
To be omnipotency
Never stopping to pee
Steady watching to see
Where these debacles lead
Colossal costs of the free
[Apostle in peace ?]
Worry not, enemies
Will still get chopped at the knees
With an impossible ease
I bottle problems to brinks
Topple columns and beams
And body cops with debris
And then scream, "Call the police"
So please stop with the pleas
Cease all of the [degrees ?]
And B's bopping the C's
And D's dropping the D batteries
Blocking their need to see
Possible things
Follow audible screams (Seems logical)
Police swallow these, dropping [the fiend ?]
See unstoppable beats
Father these
[?] seeds as we...

[Hook: Daveed Diggs]
f*ck sh*t up b*tch break your

[Verse 2: Daveed Diggs]
Tree hugging the wall
Ass b*tches f*ck with a baller
Hard as a wrecking ball
Crush your walls and f*ck up your karma
Honor roll on your daughter
Leave a puddle of water
That's hot as your son's man
Tell him not to step on the daughters
Melodica minus the mellows
di*k with a A suck it
No K but this sh*t's busting
No spray on a b*tch cousin
Don't play when an itch coming
Just pray for the kiss of cunnilingus
And the gun barrel he ain't gonna be missed there
Just tell him to f*ck sh*t up

[Verse 3: FLANCH]
Brought to the tomb and sent to the womb
More deadly than a stick with a boom
A clip and a [zoom ?]
Known to drop my pants down with a zip and assume
I always got the biggest di*k in the room
Phony reality
Live in a fallacy
Had to be low on batteries
Demons are running after me
Screaming and I'm imagining
Wonderin' what is happening
My perception is blackening
It's all maddening
Yearnin' for quality
Running so audibly
Churnin' through the cacophony
So it is probably
Turnin' away the modest
Returning the body [?]
Learnin' through the lobotomy
[?] through the ferocity
Murder all of the colonies
Prodigies and the [?]
Burnin' for earnin' eternal furnace [?]
What do you have to offer me?

[Outro: Daveed Diggs]
Tired of the throne, the heem, the belly, the lean
The Louie, the crown, the sound the scene
The cut, trying to cut
Liking cut, welcome the cut
Look at me they cut from the neck and exposing the guts
So get in there sh*t, let them b*tch if you ready to
f*ck sh*t up b*tch
I don't know what the f*ck he's talking about...
Hey... hey you see that sh*t what he did...

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