Daveed Diggs


[Verse 1: Daveed Diggs]
Set's up high, b*t*hes and whips topless, no ceilings
They pitchin' that Helen Mirren
It's summer, that pot stick (pot stick)
Block burning, G's banging on the beach, white Ts, no-sock sh*t
Palm tree on lean, bass rocks with the knock
Every c*ckpit bumpin' that Pac on the stock system rattlin'
But battle ready cause all got the heavy metal
Tucked to haggle for the Fendi watches

Watch it, everyone observe the color
Of the block where they walkin', watch how they walkin'

See her at the payphone code talkin'
She got them high shorts, thighs thick, pu**y poppin'
So the lay of the block maintain
As long everybody play they role, and not
Try to step on somebody else's line

But when they do the critic quick to put a clip in a nine
A motherf**ker will die in the summertime

Low nose clown on they pogo bounce
When they slow-mo round, make the hoes go down

Homies smoke that loud 'til they choke fall out
And they run they mouth, what they don't know might end 'em
Cause them women so fine in the summertime
Turn a six to a dime in the summertime

Motherf**kers still die in the summertime
It happens all the time in the summertime

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