Daveed Diggs


[Verse 1: Daveed Diggs]
Urban renewal is a rabbit hole of wiki links
And one pill makes you smaller

The other one's a bullet, point taken, pull it
Aim it at he face at twenty paces
And you'll probably hit a bystander
Overpopulation is a b*t*h, ain't it?
And a b*t*h bad, and a bad b*t*h the type
To make you bust fast, b*t*h keep bussin' at them
For they bus pass, victims of rapid transit police on bus ads
A movie will be made about his life

And where the life is but a knife of calico
The impulse always is to weaponize
So weapons, eyes, and targets fixed
No contacts, no context, texts to his mom's just rang out
The lexicon's expanding at a rapid pace
Hashtags on the twitter, hotspots on hot blocks
Still got them hot pockets on lockup in the freezer
Half as cold as the demeanor
Half as coded as the overloaded speakers bumping g sh*t

[Drum Interlude: Brian Chippendale]

[Verse 2: Daveed Diggs]
"Your space is narrow," said the robber to the bank
Before he robbed the motherf**ker blind
Don't underestimate the underestimated
They rest esteemed on beds of all your daughter's friendship bracelets
She's having dreams of dancing in the dark with darker faces
What a waste, she water-wade and welcome to the city
You chose while most could not escape it
The escapades are consequential when the national order is disturbed
It's only right the lions gonna fight back and it might smack
At that primitive imitation arranged by illiterates
But literally who gives a sh*t? sh*t!
Grabbin' the bull by the french horns and heralding a new day is played out
Kid with a high top fade, ain't no way he gonna be outdid
And if it's like this and that then listen up
Enter a new commissioner with a mission to
Get you the f**k up out his mistletoe, he leave a kiss like death
Tuck up your deuce and go, just watch him go
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