Daveed Diggs

"Something They Don’t Know (Wettworker Remix)"

[Intro: Daveed Diggs]
SB, what up
Hellfyre club, what up
It's Clipping, b*t*h
Tell them something they don't know

[Verse 1: Daveed Diggs]
The thing about murder is it's a mess
The thing about hiring killers is payment is stressful
The thing about living long is regret
But sh*t, sometimes you just got to pull the f**king trigger
Prophetic profiteering pop a pill in a park
And wheeling around on a Segway calling it a metaphor
You on that next sh*t
What you get sh*t
A synthetic sense of being
Stop on a hill in the dark and dealing
What sounded like deadweight
Calling up Jennifer she on that X sh*t, no sex sh*t
She sells Cialis by the seaside out the sixth floor balcony apartment
He bows when he enters a touch of class 'fore he touch that ass
And she never suspected the geriatric motherf**ker would pull something fast
It was the last move he ever made so
Needless to say she was on some not today sh*t and
Even it came when you met up with her for the date like
Damn, if you had any game at all it could have been a hell of a weekend
But instead you got stabbed in the f**king chest
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