Rebecca Sugar


[Open Int. Steven's Room]

Steven: (peering through laundry) Where are you? Tsk tsk tsk. You’re a mess, Steven.

Pearl: (to herself, holding seven Gem Shards in a bubble) I know I had eight... (to Steven) Hey, Steven, have you seen a Gem Shard anywhere? It’s very important.

Steven: No, have you seen my pants? They’re also very important.

Pearl: I’m serious, Steven. (starts explaining) These Shards have a powerful partial consciousness that has been harnessed by Gems throughout history in order to create semi-sentient drone soldiers with the capacity to follow basic orders. Gems once created an army of these drones, but found their obedience waned as the shards overdeveloped inside their uniforms and turned on their commanders. You see, any shard imprinted by any sort of container could become a monster. That’s why it’s very, very important it’s kept away from any kind of garment...

Steven: (thinking at the exact same time, blocking out most of what Pearl has said after “in order”) They weren’t in the kitchen either... under the bed! No wait, I looked there too. And then Pearl walked in... (mind gasp) Pearl! Oh jeez, she’s really explaining something... I can’t just start listening now, I’d be lost! ... Just like my pants... (starts to listen at “could become a monster”)

Pearl: If you see it, bring it to me, right away. I’m going to check in town. (leaves)

Steven: For my pants? (to self) I guess I’ll keep looking here. (notices pants walking by themselves) That’s unusual! (chases after them) Come on, we used to be friends! We used to go everywhere together! (jumps on them) Gotcha now, pants! (puts them on) I wear the pants in this relationship! (pants wriggling) What’s gotten into you? Hmm? (takes out Gem shard from his pocket, pants cease) It’s a... thingy? Is this Pearl’s shard thingy? (puts shard in sock) Ha, now who’s smart? (The sock repeatedly smacks him in the face) Ow, ow, stop! (The sock stops) Oh... thanks! I gotta get you to Pearl. (places sock in backpack)

[Trans. Ext. Beach Citywalk Fries]

Steven: (yelling near the boardwalk) Hey, Pearl! Pearl! She must still be looking for my pants...

(Peedee in the Frybo costume rushes in and bumps Steven to the ground, whilst being attacked by a flock of seagulls. Steven, terrified, cowers on the ground)

Peedee: (panicking) Aah, please help me! Aah, No, get them away! Please! Aah! (takes off head of costume and swings it at the flock) I’m not fries!

(Steven sighs deeply once the conflict is over, and Fryman opens a side door to see what’s going on)
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