Rebecca Sugar


How dare you interfere with
Everything that I've worked for?!
I didn't ask to deal with
The lunacy of you four

I don't deserve the anguish
You clods keep piling on me
Why can't you mind your business?
And stop destroying my things!

They said this would be easy
They said I'd be commended
They didn't tell me you clods
Would leave me sore and stranded

But I'm not giving up just yet
I'll get you back, and they'll forget
That catastrophic failure
And how I lost our jailbirds

You Crystal Clods, oh, just you wait
I'll serve your gems upon a plate
Won't Yellow Diamond be pleased?
Don’t underestimate me

One time! That's all I ask
Leave my things alone and let me finish my task
Every single day my stress grows higher
Your nonsense is making me sick and tired
No matter what I do, some clod denies me
Even my allies haven't bothered to find me!
I'm stuck, footless on this hunk of dirt
But soon, you clods'll be the ones getting hurt
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