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Rebecca Sugar

"It Came From The Nightosphere (Script)"



Marceline and Finn are hanging out on the porch of her house. Finn is beatboxing while Marceline strums her bass.

MARCELINE: Thanks for helping me record, Finn.

FINN: No problem, Marceline.

MARCELINE: Now, I’m going to sing something really personal, so don’t laugh at me.

FINN: I would never dream of it, m’lady.

Cut to inside Marceline’s house. Finn and Marceline are jamming while Marceline’s dog sits nearby.

MARCELINE: Now, start a slow beat and keep it steady, or it’ll mess up everything.

FINN: You got it.

Finn begins beatboxing. He takes headphones out of his bag and puts them on. He begins to record into a tape recorder. Marceline begins singing.

MARCELINE: Daddy, why did you eat my fries?
I bought them and they were mine
But you ate them, yeah, you ate my fries
And I cried, but you didn't see me cry
Daddy, do you even love me?
Well I wish you'd show it
Cause I wouldn't know it
What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries
And doesn't even look her in the eyes?
Daddy, there were tears there
If you saw them would you even care?

As Finn takes in the lyrics, he gets a sad expression and slows to a stop, sighing.

MARCELINE: Huh? Finn, you messed the beat up!

Finn puts the recording gear in his bag.

FINN: Marceline, if you’re thinking about your dad so much, then why don’t you go see him?

MARCELINE: He’s not worth the effort.

Finn sits on Marceline’s couch.

FINN: Not worth what effort?

MARCELINE: Well, first I’d have to draw a circle with a happy face in the center, and then, uh, douse it with bug milk.

While Marceline is looking away, Finn draws a smiley face on the wall.

FINN: Oh, yeah?

Finn grabs bug milk from Marceline’s kitchen and douses the smiley face with it. The smiley face absorbs the milk and begins to glow. Two candles on either side of it light up.

MARCELINE: And then you’re supposed to chant something like, “Maloso vobisc*m et c*m spiritum.”

The smiley face on the wall begins flashing. Finn laughs.

MARCELINE: But I don’t really want to see him. I’m still mad about the thing with the fries.

A low sound begins emanating from the smiley face. The room begins to shake.


Marceline looks up and finally sees what Finn has done as the wall cracks and a portal to the Nightosphere opens. The couch splits in two and the room is bathed in red from the flames within the Nightosphere. Finn is thrown to the side.

FINN: Woah, woah! Ah!

A figure is seen in the reflection of Finn’s eyes. The figure begins to take shape and turns into Marceline’s father, Hunson Abadeer, who is a demon dressed in a business suit.

HUNSON: Marceline!

MARCELINE: Finn, what the heck did you do!

FINN: I… reunited you with your family?

Marceline grunts in anger. Finn backs into Hunson.

HUNSON: Is this kid your evil servant?

FINN: I’m not evil, Marceline’s dad. I’m super good!

HUNSON: Super good?

Hunson’s mouth unhinges opens widely, showing his sharp teeth. Finn gasps.

FINN: What are you doing?

Hunson grabs Finn by the shoulders and begins attempting to suck out Finn’s soul.

HUNSON: Stealing your soul!

Hunson speaks from a second head the back of his throat. Finn screams in pain. Marceline pushes the two apart.

MARCELINE: Dad! Ugh, you always do stuff like this.

HUNSON: Oh, Marceline. I never know what’s gonna set you off. Woah, is this the family axe?

Hunson grabs the bass from Marceline’s hands.


HUNSON: Did you turn it into some kind of lute?

He strums it.

MARCELINE: Give it back and get out!

HUNSON: Okay, I’ll go. I have business to attend to anyway: Sucking up all the souls in Ooo.

FINN: What? No!

HUNSON: See you kids later.

He transforms his arm into a large dark claw and shoves the door open into Finn. Hunson transforms into a large monster off-camera, and we see Finn’s terrified reaction. Hunson leaves and the room returns to normal other than the claw marks left on the door. Finn screams.


FINN: I’ve unleashed evil onto Ooo! We’ve got to stop him, Marceline!

MARCELINE: Fine. But I’m only coming with you to get my bass back.

The pair leaves Marceline’s house in pursuit of Hunson.


Marceline carries Finn as the two fly over Ooo in search of Hunson.

FINN: Hey, how do I kill this guy anyway.

MARCELINE: Finn! You can’t kill my dad.

FINN: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-

MARCELINE: No, you literally can’t kill him. He’s deathless.



A group of Fuzzy Friends are running around a grassy field. One of the Fuzzy Friends playing with a toy ball runs away from the group. Hunson’s shadow falls over him and he stops in his tracks.

FUZZY FRIEND: Huh? Who the fluff are you?

The shot pulls back to show Hunson secretly holding Marceline’s bass behind his back.

HUNSON: Um, well I’m sure not the guy who’s gonna suck out your soul.

FUZZY FRIEND: Good, cause that’s like my number one fear.

HUNSON: Really? Well, I know a little exercise for that. Wanna try it?


HUNSON: First, close your eyes.


The Fuzzy Friend closes his eyes. Hunson beats him over the head with the face of Marceline’s bass, leaving a large bruise.

FUZZY FRIEND: Ah! You could’ve killed me!

HUNSON: Ah, but I didn’t. And now aren’t you thrilled just to be alive?

FUZZY FRIEND: Yeah, I guess. So what?

HUNSON: So, this next part will be all the more horrifying.

Hunson’s opens his mouth wide and reveals his sharp fangs once more as he sucks out the Fuzzy Friend’s soul.


Marceline and Finn arrive at the field of Fuzzy Friends.

FINN: There, below us! A gathering of fluffy people. Mayhaps they’ve seen your father. Marceline, release the Finn bomb!

Marceline drops Finn. He whistles as he falls. Marceline catches him just before he hits the ground and he makes an explosion noise. The Fuzzy Friends tremble as Finn gets to his feet.

FINN: They’re all freaked out.

MARCELINE: It’s because they’re scared of him.

The shot pans over to the Fuzzy Friend from earlier, still holding his ball. His eyes have gone white as he floats near the other Fuzzy Friends, moaning spookily. He drops his ball and Marceline picks him up to examine him.

MARCELINE: Hmm. My dad’s been here. Come on, let’s go.

She begins walking away.

FINN: No, we’ve gotta help this guy!

Finn takes off his backpack and begins rummaging around.

FINN: I’ve got some soul food Jake gave me. You like, uh, collard greens or country fried steak?

The Fuzzy Friend simply continues to moan as Finn attempts to feed him some steak.

MARCELINE: Look, you wanna help him? Help me get my bass back.

FINN: How will that help him?

Marceline’s eyes go red and she reveals her fangs as she yells.

MARCELINE: My dad stole my bass guitar, Finn!

She returns to normal and turns around.

MARCELINE: And when I get it back, I’m gonna break it over his neck and slam my dad back into the Nightosphere.

The soulless Fuzzy Friend floats around and bumps into Finn.

FINN: Oh, clam! But first, you gotta return the souls your dad sucked back to these sad little husks, right Marceline?

He hands the fallen ball back to the Fuzzy Friend, who then drops it.

MARCELINE: Uh, sure. Yeah, yeah, we’ll do that.


Cut to an establishing shot of the Marauder Village. The head Marauder is telling a story as the shot zooms in and cuts to them at a table.

HEAD MARAUDER: So, I popped his head like a cork, and I says, “That’s what I think of expanding Earth theory!”

The Marauders all laugh. The shot pans to a Marauder at the end of the table, then back to the head Marauder at the other end. A sound makes the Marauders all turn their heads to the Marauder at the end of the table. The shot returns to him to reveal he has blank glowing eyes much like the soulless Fuzzy Friend.

ALL: Huh?

The soulless Marauder is puppeted by Hunson.

HUNSON: I’ve got a joke too.

Hunson pushes the soulless Marauder aside and reveals himself.

HUNSON: What wears a dark suit, is completely evil, and is about to suck out all of your souls.

Hunson gets on top of the table.


HUNSON: That’s right. I’m your mama.

Hunson opens his mouth wide and sucks out the souls of the Marauders.


Finn and Marceline arrive at the edge of Red Rock Pass.

MARCELINE: If my dad wants to get through the mountains, he’ll have to go through here.

FINN: We can work together, and smash him with this rock!

Finn gestures towards a large boulder at the edge of the pass.

FINN: And once he’s smushed, all the souls will go back to their rightful bods.

Hunson is heard whistling and singing in the distance.

HUNSON: Stompin’ on ants, suckin’ their souls.

Cut to Hunson walking through the pass and crushing ants underfoot.

HUNSON: Stompin’ on ants, souls, souls, souls.

Hunson consumes a number of ant souls. Cut back to Finn, who attempts to push the boulder into the pass. He notices that Marceline is gone.

FINN: Huh?

He looks down in the pass to see Marceline confront her father. She drags her nails into the cliff face and lunges at him, but he parries with her bass and knocks her to the ground.

HUNSON: So, finally taking a run at your old man, huh?

Marceline gets back up and charges him, but he parries again.


She hops on his shoulders and attempts to twist his head, but he remains unphased.

HUNSON: Karate kick!

He kicks her off of his shoulders. She falls to the ground and hisses.

FINN: Marceline! Keep him right there! Hyah!

Finn headbutts the boulder, sending it into the pass. Hunson and Marceline fight over the bass as the boulder falls. Hunson gets thrust out of the way at the last moment as the boulder hits the ground. Finn continues to watch them struggle, having bruised his head.

HUNSON: Karate chop!

Hunson hits Marceline in the head, causing her to lose her grip on the bass.

HUNSON: You can’t destroy me.

MARCELINE: N-no, dad I don’t want to destroy you. Look, just stay out of my life!

Her face goes red and she flies off.

HUNSON: You’re not even alive!

Marceline returns to Finn and sits beside him.

FINN: You blew it, dude! We’re supposed to be a team. A team whose sport is “Stop-Your-Dad-From-Sucking-Soulsball.”

Marceline sighs.

MARCELINE: I just want my dad to care about me.


Cut to an establishing shot of the ice mountains. Hunson is talking to an off-screen figure.

HUNSON: Of all history’s greatest monsters, you are by far the most evil thing I’ve encountered.

He is revealed to be talking to Gunter amongst a group of penguins.

HUNSON: Offer your soul to me, dark one!

Gunter flaps his arms angrily and squawks.

HUNSON: No! You can’t have my soul. I don’t even… Look, just get in here.

Hunson opens his mouth to suck out Gunter’s soul, but Gunter slaps him and squawks. Hunson kicks him away.

HUNSON: Keep your crummy soul!

Gunter goes flying and is stopped by the Ice King.

ICE KING: Gunter, who told you you could fly?

Gunter squawks and gestures to Hunson, who is consuming the souls of some of the other penguins.

ICE KING: Huh? No one sucks the life from my penguins except me! And maybe polar bears because that’s just nature, Gunter.

The Ice King flies off and approaches Hunson from behind.

ICE KING: You darest encroach upon my domain?

Hunson begins opening his mouth.

ICE KING: You’ve raised my frosty dander, and for that I shall-

Hunson turns around and opens up his skin, terrifying the Ice King with a grotesque assortment of his innards.

ICE KING: Ah! I’ve soiled my tunic - completely by choice!

Ice King retreats. Hunson resumes sucking the souls out of all of the penguins, growing to an immense size.


Finn and Marceline continue chasing Hunson’s trail. They see him continue to grow to giant size in the distance.

FINN: He’s growing huge!

Hunson sucks the souls out of some birds flying nearby. As he grows in size, he is able to suck souls from a further distance. We see a shot of trunk people in a nearby forest getting their souls sucked as dozens of souls are pulled into Hunson’s mouth.

FINN: I’m gonna take him down!

MARCELINE: Finn, you’re like an ant to him.

FINN: Oh, yeah? Well, this ant’s about to get in his pants!

Marceline smirks.



He blushes.

FINN: You know! ‘Cause I’m gonna make him uncomfortable while I release those souls!

He grabs a sword from nearby and charges Hunson. Hunson doesn't even register Finn as Finn climbs up his massive legs and stabs him.

FINN: Give up those souls, Marceline’s dad, in the name of justice!

Finn begins hitting him. Hunson looks down and sees Marceline nearby.

HUNSON: Huh? Oh, Marceline. Still following me?

MARCELINE: I’ll stop following you if you give me back my guitar.

Hunson effortlessly flicks Finn away and bends down to Marceline’s level.

HUNSON: Now, Marceline.

FINN: No one flicks me in the butt without my consent!

Finn adjusts himself midair and falls back to Hunson, stabbing him in the forehead. Hunson unhinges his mouth and his true face pops out. Finn screams and falls, grabbing onto Hunson’s tentacle-y beard. With his true face revealed, so are the souls in two large sacs under his chin. Hunson attempts to shake Finn off. Finn sees Lumpy Space Princess in one of the egg-like orbs in the soul sacs.

FINN: Woah! The souls. Lumpy Space Princess, he got your soul, too?

LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS: What? Nah. I totally saw Hot Dog Princess get sucked in here, and I wasn’t invited? I was all, “What the lump?” So I’m crashing this party!

FINN: Uh… Well, I’ll save you. Yeah, I’ll save all of you!

Hunson knocks Finn away and swings the axe at him. Finn parries with his sword and chops off the segment of Hunson’s arm that was holding the bass. Marceline looks on worriedly and hurries to catch her axe, letting Finn faceplant in the grass.

MARCELINE: In your face, dad!

HUNSON: Give back that axe, Marceline! You don’t respect it enough.

MARCELINE: Well, you don’t respect anything, dad! I’m outta here.

Marceline flies off.

FINN: But-

HUNSON: Fine! Go! I’m too busy sucking to deal with you.

Hunson continues sucking souls from the nearby area. Finn runs in pursuit.

FINN: No, wait! Marceling, keep talking to him! When he’s talking he can’t steal souls!

MARCELINE: I said I’m out of here!

FINN: Diversion… Need diversion.

Finn takes off his backpack and begins rummaging around. He gasps and pulls out his recording gear. He presses play and Marceline’s song from earlier starts.

RECORDING OF MARCELINE: Daddy, why did you eat my fries?
I bought them and they were mine

Both Marceline and Hunson stop in their tracks as they hear Finn playing the song.

RECORDING OF MARCELINE: But you ate them, yeah, you ate my fries
And I cried, but you didn't see me cry

Marceline blushes. Hunson turns around to look at her.

RECORDING OF MARCELINE: Daddy, do you even love me?
Well I wish you'd show it

LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS: Oh my glob you guys, drama bomb!

RECORDING OF MARCELINE: Cause I wouldn't know it

HUNSON: Marceline, do you really feel this way?

RECORDING OF MARCELINE: What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries


RECORDING OF MARCELINE: And doesn't even look her in the eyes?

HUNSON: Marceline, of course I love you.

RECORDING OF MARCELINE: Daddy, there were tears there


RECORDING OF MARCELINE: If you saw them would you even care?

HUNSON: I’m sorry I ate your fries. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

MARCELINE: It’s okay, dad. It’s - It’s really okay.

HUNSON: No, it’s not okay. They weren’t even very good. They were really cold. I love you, Marceline.

MARCELINE: I love you too, dad.

HUNSON: Oh, Marceline, I am so -

Finn flies through the air, screaming and wielding both his own sword and the sword he picked up earlier. He stabs Hunson in the throat, releasing all of the souls. He quickly draws a smiley face under Hunson, douses it in bug milk from his backpack, and recites the incantation from earlier.

FINN: Maloso vobisc*m et c*m spiritum!

Hunson howls as he is dragged back into the Nightosphere.

FINN: I’ll see you in the Nightosphere, you sick freak.

Marceline looks on in shock while Finn dances in celebration.

MARCELINE: Finn, how could you do that?

FINN: How could I save the day?

MARCELINE: How could you embarrass me like that and then stab my dad?

FINN: How could I embarrass-save you?

Marceline takes a half-hearted swing at Finn with her bass.

FINN: Woah, Marceline!

Marceline sighs.

MARCELINE: I’m glad he’s back in the Nightosphere. That was emotionally exhausting.

FINN: I’m also exhausted emotionally. Or… Wait, I mean, I mean, physically.

Finn collapses into the grass. Marceline falls beside him. They watch the freed souls fly through the air. Marceline chuckles.

MARCELINE: I’ve been meaning to ask you… What’s with that pocket on your shirt?

FINN: Oh, Jake’s in here.

He opens the pocket to reveal a shrunken Jake.

FINN: Sup, Jake.

Jake rolls over and farts.


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