Leaders of the New School
Just When You Thought it Was Safe
[Intro: Cut Monitor Milo]
Ayo, this is Cut Monitor Milo
Know what you do before you get involved with it

[Verse 1: Charlie Brown]
Just when ya thought it was safe!
Hey yo, now let your homeboy in on the scoop
Yo, but now your life is turning for a loop
And things, yo, aren't so great in paradise
Sh*t, your friend is kickin' it to your girl
Left you, leavin' you, and now you just contemplate suicide
(Just when you thought it was safe!)

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Man, to smoke that white rock jumbo
You should have known it was a no-no
It's stunning
But now you're living foul and slumming
You thought it was okay
To sex that girl without a condom
You know you had your sex pandemonium
But instead with AIDS you lay on your death bed
(Just when you thought it was safe!)

[Verse 3: Dinco D]
My man, to take that plane over seas
And then the terrorist group the Killer Bees
Claims a bomb is on board your flight
And due to explode in the boom
Now you're on a mission to nowhere
Like an innocent victim, it's sad
Quite a shock, and really disturbing
(Just when you thought it was safe!)
Charlie Brown: Yo man, I heard you was with my girl behind my back man
Busta Rhymes: I wasn't with her G

(Just when you thought it was safe!)

Busta Rhymes: With your base pipe and your rock, now you're slummin', G

(Just when you thought it was safe!)

Dinco D: I'll pa** on the Sandals and walk, you know what I'm sayin'

(Just when you thought it was safe
To live, safe to trust
But then again... na na na IT REALLY WASN'T!)

[Busta Rhymes] + (Leaders of the New School)
Safe is the way of the mind (the mind)
To avoid trouble, risk you may find (may find)
All those (all thouse) we may (we may) huh, live in a trifling time

[Charlie Brown] + (Leaders of the New School)
Yo, yo but then again (again)
Think of the whole equation (what?)
If life and death are negative (or a positive)
Judged by the actions of your soul
[Dinco D] + (Leaders of the New School)
I said time after time after time (time)
Things may fall out of line (outa line)
So consider (consider) my whole agenda (agenda)
The Leaders have seen a new sign of peace (peace)
Equality (equality)
Busta Rhymes: Amongs man, woman and child
Charlie Brown: Yo be safe and secure (righteous and pure)
Cause now is when times gets wild

(Just when you thought it was safe!) {*4X*}