Leaders of the New School
The International Zone Coaster
[Busta Rhymes]
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh
It's a sunny day and the sky is bright
Chickens in the mist everything is right
No need to make bets cause I'm not a bookie
Today is the day the whole school plays hookie
Why? Cause I called Dinco D and Brown
Cut Monitor Milo brings the sound
Before I do that I play myself like a j*rk
Make sure mama jama took her body to work
Okay she is gone so I jet to the phone
Let the whole world know nobody's home
It's Busta Rhymes and I'm feeling irie
Come on over cause I'm having a party
Milo did the right thing and brought the vibe
The sound's too p*ssed now the party's live
Chicken's in effect, everything is sweet
As I zoned in my rest all I had to say is
That beat, that beat, just keep the same old beat
Check it out y'all, come on, come on
Just keep the same old beat

[Dinco D]
On the fourth day of school, hookie wasn't here
Today's the first day of a brand new year
There's girls that's rubbing b***s around the room
Fellas feeling good cause the gates is boom
Zoom to the doom of a sugarplum tune
Me, Brown and Busta gonna rock the mic soon
With a huh! here we go in June
Powercat with the snap to bend the rules
No-one misses out, this is all street news
You choose, don't lose abuse
Prices move in like crews of brews
Stacked on a four pack sack of freaks
I guess I'll play hookie for a couple of weeks
[Charlie Brown]
6 A.M. and I hear my alarm
Rush to the phone and call Vietnam
He sleeps so I leave a message
At the tone, you know time is of essence
Quickly I jump straight into the shower
The baby powder, cause I can't smell sour
Get dressed, put on my Nike Airs
Comb my hairs, go upstairs
Walk outside to the fruit stand
Andre, Kenny, the 40's in hand
Powercat Geronimo is in the distance
The fifths are coming, the fifths are coming
Hit up, lit up the blunt and I'm straight
Quarter to eight and my day looks great
Walk to the school with about 40 feet
That means the squad is 20 deep
I zoned

Zone Coaster (The International...) (Repeat 6x)

[Busta Rhymes]
Finally by now the whole crew's in the house
Brown just came and he's roaming about
Music just start but yo where is Milo?
Got a chicken in the room and he's trying to hide, yo
Next is my man (Who?) Gary Gennew
Half of the rum and a case of brews
Rumpletilz with the Diggum Smacks
And then through the door came the Cracker Jacks
Posse from Medina cold looking very hard
Next through the door came the yardman squad
Into the crib to find the entry at last
Kallie and the crew with my boy Shabazz
Chickens think they're iller time to settle the score
Dom Powercat threw the lock on the door
Bugging at the jam like I'm cyclone and
Snapped out of a seven hour nap come to find out that I'm zoning
Huh, check it out, yeah
[Dinco D]
No school? Cool
I'll just fool around off school grounds
Too many kids doing bids in detention
I'm just chilling, what is this they mention?
L.O.N.S. to the set, look he has a gun
'91 is fun, lots of baked buns
Prepare to wind to a reggae cut
Knock knock, who, what
Mom, a bomb, sound the alarm
Leave the dance before she causes some harm
I go out the back door with a hard bone
Look at the clock and then I start to zone

[Charlie Brown]
Got to the hive, no one was there
Truant officers began to stare
Called Dinco D but he's not home
Drop another quarter into the phone
Call Busta Rhymes, what's up my man?
(Having a party, understand?)
Where's Dinco D, you know, the D?
(Here's the phone) (What's up C.B.?)
I'm coming (Hurry up, hurry up!)
Milo started throwing on all the cuts
Walking to the crib and I heard "Hello"
Turned, it was Epitome and Shamello
Told them the scoop and I kept stepping
Almost had to stop then I started sweating
Rob pulls up, he says "Come on get in"
Place it was packed with stupid skins
Got to Busta's crib and grabbed a 40
Cracker Jacks have it naughty naughty
Grabbed the gold tone microphone
Woke up Saturday, I zoned
Zone Coaster (The International...) (Repeat 16x)