Wonder Broz

"Interlude Gennis"

Cut my mic on
Micro-microphone check
Keep the lights off, ready, ready, ready set
Here I go, all in one motion
Cruise on the beat, call that dead coastin'
Girls call me lotion, cause when it's dry
Moist it up Frank Ocean
Mm, for real though
I'm kinda quiet to myself, quite the weirdo
Wonder Broz, your favorite supe-
Favorite superhero
Never been a zero, pockets on fat mode
I ain't gotta spell it out, she know how I'm [?]
Row, row, row, your boat
I live and breathe NCredible, shout out to my C.E.O, he already know
Nick pulled the [?] out so we about to blow
Patty cake baker man, we gets that dough, oh!
You know who I be, stuntin, murder on that alphabet
Lucky lucky me, I'm G
In the hot spot toastin', rotisserie on the beat, watch how I roast it
You already know this, zoom in closer, adjust your focus
Call that hocus pocus, abracadabra
Everything matters and that's straight facts, my pops taught me that
Go hard or go home, is the motto 'til our fades are black
I never look back, I'm young us

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