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"All in"

Ohhh ohh oh

Yes i gotta
Guess i gotta go
All in (x4)

Chop that - up
Slow it down
Let me pop back up
Gotta get to the bag
They not finna stop us
Thinking ima lock this up
Bring the food - This a pot luck
& you know what's up
Theres some things we do not discuss
& if anybody got a problem
You can leave town
Cause we dont drama
Dissapear right now
This a story bout love & hip hop
Went above & beyond for a buzz
Got stuck
Tryna get the light for years
It's clear
Ima get it with this rhyme /
Thought I had it but the fans that did stop /
Fckn wit me all had a reason
This time
I ain't finna ask em
Finna go in like I should've been
Till I get em classics / get down
Yeah, I got the mix down
Yeah, I got enough invested
Am i going in enough with these lyrics ? /
Yeah, I got hits now - you can hear em
3 seasons
Gimme the chips
Ima need to eat
I need my sour
I need my cream
Then we going up 4 the hood like this when I drop say

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