Barry Manilow

"Riders to the Stars (live)"

Christy wants a millionaire, a miracle in the rain
Everybody's lookin' to find their heaven
Never come back again
People keep searchin' up and down
Joinin' in the latest thing
And I run around lookin' for love
Waitin' for bells to ring

Riders to the stars
We are flyin', we are fallin'
And I can see the clouds rollin' by
Riders to the stars
We are sailin', we are soarin'
And all we can do is try
We are riders to the stars
We are riders to the stars

Billy wants a fancy car
Says it's just what he needs
Folks into showin', just what they're blowin'
Followin' foolish leads
And Christy wants to find her millionaire
Her miracle in the rain
And I lift my head right up to the sun
Never look down again
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