[Verse 1: Blu]
Soul, jazz, rock, roll, funk
Hip-hop loud as f*ck out the trunk
Punk, jump, get knocked damn
Hot shit coming out the underground
Duck, dodge, hide from the wrath
2014 rap
Do the math
Wisdom, cypher, knowledge, freedom
Gods are sleeping
The odds got even
Cons deceiving
Consciously breathing
Breeding only for more bleeding
We in the last days
The last shall be first
Crash test, just landed on earth
Turf, wars for homes and thrones
Lost ones, your son's all gone
Praise you for you
Hold the truth
Don't let death and deceit
Guide you to the roof
God bless the fruit, the snakes
Lay eggs and bacon for the change
Like a pagan
Asians like rocks
Purposely wiping with each clock
Tick, tock
Time is for the blind
If crime is on your mind
All of the time
Swine... swine (x2)
I'm feeling weakened too
Do not turn my speaker down
Tell my cousin back us out
Wow, slow
I see through the snow
Please don't let me go
I see through the snow
So please don't let me go
Go, go back inside