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Ester Dean

"Another Life (Tom & Jame Remix)"

[Verse 1: Ester Dean]
I'm waking up, thinking how we used to be
I still hang on to our tied up dreams
I wish we could turn back the hands of time
Replace the poison that you left onto my mind

[Chorus: Ester Dean]
Maybe we'll meet again in another life
Maybe we're better in another paradise
Maybe we will meet again
Maybe we will fall again

[Post-Chorus: Ester Dean]
In another life

[Drop: Tom & Jame / Ester Dean]
In another, in another

[Post-Drop: Ester Dean]
In another life

[Verse 2: Ester Dean]
I can't imagine what this life would be
We holdin' on to fading memories
I love you, you love me, but this love sets you free
But if you choose to leave, well I hope we'll meet
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