Mickey Avalon
Too Sexy
[Verse 1: Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon]
[D] Hey yo mickey, I'm gorgeous, come around the corner in the bright orange Porsche
[M] Born to mack, thank the lord for abortion clinics and smack
[D] Ask ya mom who f**ked her best, and if she don't say me I'll cut off my d**k
[M] Hey dirt, how many b*t*hes you f**ked
[D] A hundred and one, dalmations
[M] Ever get down with a transvest**e?
[D] Ya, reach around in the middle of the night
[M] High top sneakers and a white fur coat, I f**k more little boys than jacko and the pope
[D] Cold as ice, boned you twice, to give you a number that wasn't even mine
[M] I shine like diamonds in the mine, yo dirt, is my hair on right?

I'm too sexy for my self
I'm too sexy for my own health
I'm too sexy for the boys in blue
I'm too sexy for the girls at school
I'm too sexy for the VIP
I'm too sexy for you to get with me
I'm too sexy for the movie screen
I'm so sexy just shoot me please

[Verse 2: Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon]
[M] I'm so hot my c*ck need a fan, so I don't get third degree burns on my a**
[D] Homie, I should win a gold trophy, for all the hoes that I boned in the OC
[M] Fortunately for me, dirt nasty got a team of pre-teen d**k fiends
[D] It seems, like a wet dream, pinch me. am I'm really f**kin' three freaks?
[M] What the deal with ya b*t*h, she squeal like a pig, then after she c*m happy meal for the kid
[D] B*t*h, what you know about me?
GIRL: I heard you were a player!
[D] Blah blah blah, eat my meat
[M] Mickey got more freak tales than ty cha, and if ya don't believe me ask ya ma ma
[D] Don't bother me while I talk to ya feet, cause ya givin' me that look like f**k me please